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With almost a tour run every month of the year, the Magic Places family is a pretty busy bunch. But pretty soon we’ll settle down and get caught up on creating our “What’s New” blog. Whether we’ll be posting some funny story from our latest tour, putting up a photo that takes our breath away, or simply sharing a cool article we’re found about cycling, travel, gelato, or beer (our favorite things), we’ll regularly add some fun stuff to our blog. If you want to subscribe to our blog, fill out the form below and we’ll keep you in the loop!

An OMG! E-Bike Experience

Put Your Ego in Your Pocket! An OMG! E-Bike experience with Magic Places Director, Matt Barlee About three …

Why Mountain Biking Tops All Cycling Disciplines

Grow up. Be a man. Show some responsibility. Stop fooling around. It seems that society is hell-bent on ...

Thoughts on the OM*%#G Experience

Guides are pretty attentive folk. It’s our job. Watch how folks are doing on a hard climb, keep ...

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