Our Updated Policies During the COVID-19 Crisis

November 23, 2020
Matt Barlee, Magic Places Director

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, lives, schedules, and routines are changing dramatically due to the frightening spread of the Coronavirus.  As we all do our part in fighting COVID-19, I want to update you on how we at Magic Places have adapted our trips and our policies to allow you to continue to enjoy great cycling holidays with peace of mind.

With the encouraging recent announcements of multiple Covid-19 vaccines in the final stages of certification, we’re very optimistic that our livelihood, and your favourite cycling vacations, will return to normal sometime in 2021.  Unfortunately, we can’t predict the timelines of quelling the pandemic, nor how and when governments relax travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Given this uncertainty, we are presently publishing our 2021 tour calendar with only Canadian destinations and when it is safe and prudent to do so, we will certainly add our international destinations to the calendar.

Always looking for a ‘silver lining,’ we’ve found through creating a robust Canadian tour itinerary, that there are some absolutely INCREDIBLE cycling destinations right here in our own backyard.  We sincerely hope that you can join us and help not just Magic Places, but many other Canadian hospitality businesses that have been gutted by the pandemic.

To help you decide if you’d like to join one of our tours, below are a number of important ‘touch points’ where we’re taking enhanced precautions to ensure our trips are protected from the risk of COVID-19.  Please review and as always, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Be kind, be calm, be safe.

Cancellations and Refunds

We know that many of you are hesitant to make any plans or financial commitments around travel in the future for fear of cancelled flights, lost deposits, or unexpected lockdowns and quarantines, so we’ve relaxed our cancellation and refund policies to give you peace of mind in making your travel decisions.  Please review our updated policies here.

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Pre-Trip Screening

To ensure the safety of all of our guests, approximately two weeks before the start of each tour, we will contact you via email to relay the latest health and safety protocols that you can expect to be in place for your trip.  Additionally, we’ll include a link to an online COVID-19 self assessment questionnaire developed by the BC Health Authority.  All guests are required to complete the questionnaire and email the result to Magic Places prior to the trip.  If your result indicates you don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, you’re welcome to join us, but if your result suggests anything except no COVID-19 symptoms, you are required to be tested for COVID-19 at a medical facility and receive a negative test result prior to joining the trip.

MP Guides and Staff

Our guides are the heart of Magic Places, and as always, your health and wellbeing is their highest priority.  As such, we ensure that our team is trained in the most up-to-date hygiene and sanitation protocols prior to each trip.  Not only will our guides brief you on these practices for your tour, but they will also liaise with our accommodation, transportation, and dining partners to ensure their standards and protocols meet our high standards. Additionally, they’ll be keeping a watchful eye during the tour and will take necessary measures to mitigate any potential risks.


Limited Group Sizes

Small groups trips have been our mainstay because they create a friendly, intimate adventure experience for all involved.  Limiting our groups to no more than 12 people not only increases the richness of your experience, it also allows us to better ensure that safe and hygienic practices are maintained.  Is 12 too many people for your liking?  If so, we’re happy to create a custom tour for your friends or family!

Hygiene and Sanitation Protocols

From providing all guests with personal hand-sanitizer and masks, to the regular cleaning of our vehicles and equipment, we will lead by example through demonstrating the latest health and safety protocols.  Our team will ensure that all guests understand practices such as social distancing, hand sanitizing, masks in vehicles, etc to ensure that you feel safe and protected.


Accommodation and Dining

We chooses our hotel and restaurant parters based on high standards of customer service and cleanliness, and because we’ve worked with most of these partners for many years, we’ve developed a strong relationship that allows us to have frank discussions about ‘prickly’ subjects.  Before each trip, we’re in contact with these partners to ensure we’re comfortable with their health and safety protocols so that you’re safe and comfortable as well.



We acknowledge the challenge in maintaining 3m separation in a van, but through enhanced sanitation practices, required face coverings, and limited distancing in our vehicles, we will ensure your safety.