Magic Places OMG! Destination Catalogue

We really, really wrung our hands over the name of our OMG! destinations catalogue. Honestly, there were sleepless nights. OK, maybe not, but close. While we didn’t want to offend anyone, we wanted to go beyond the simple OMG! exclamation to a full-on OM*%#G! because that was exactly the adrenaline-driven, endorphin-fuelled, expletive-peppered exclamation of joy we hear over and over again from our clients on each and every tour, race, and custom tour we offer. So – we we’re used to it, the frequent OM*%#G! from our clients. We expect it. There’s no better time to drop an expletive than when cresting a hill to witness first hand a jaw-dropping sunset set against a South African ocean vista. Anyway, we settled for the more conservative OMG! in the spirit of leaving it up to our clients to take it up a notch. What will you yell? Download and view our catalogue to find out!