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About Magic Places

Now in our 36th year, MAGIC PLACES Cycling Adventures has been delivering boutique small-group OMG cycling experiences set in beautiful destinations around the world.

With an 84% customer retention rate, we have created a family of clients by embracing a very simple business model:


We love to share our passion for exploring amazing places and cultures on two wheels.


We exhaustively research and ride all our itineraries to ensure the highest standards.


We show you our appreciation daily through care, respect and attention to detail.

We set you up for omg moments

Meet the Magic Places Team

Matt Barlee

Owner / Guide

10% MP boss, 40% entrepreneur and 50% child at heart. Having a life-long intrigue of bicycles, Matt took over the reigns of Magic Places in 2014 to share his passion of two-wheeled adventure seeking. He loves coffee and is allergic to cucumbers. As someone who thrives in adventure, Matt tirelessly seeks hidden gems to share with Magic Places clients. He is the proud father of two amazing kids, and can be found climbing, camping and mountain biking in beautiful Victoria, BC in his free time.



Riding beside the guy with the crazy hair and the huge grin, you’d never know that for 30 years, Pete’s been an animal on the bike, racing in road, mountain, and cyclocross, and this is why we love having him in the family.  Always wanting to see others succeed, Pete’s the first guy to offer a helping hand, give sage advice, and simply cheer you on as you crest that grueling climb.  His two biggest loves of cycling – the camaraderie we share on the bike and the freedom it gives us to explore beautiful places. Buy him a cappuccino and he’ll follow you around like a lost puppy.



Somehow, while serving 36 years in the Canadian Navy in senior positions, Ron still managed to be a competitive runner and triathlete.  Just ask him how many laps of a frigate make up one kilometer!  Once his feet were dry, Ron jumped into cycling and for the last 7 years has been racing, touring, and guiding all over the planet.  He’s our go-to guy to lead our teams on races like the Haute Route and Tour Transalp, and so long as he gets his daily dose of gelato, he’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!



Heidi’s Swiss father used to say, ‘If you need exercise, go chop some firewood!’  Needless to say, when she discovered cycling, her attitudes around exercise changed dramatically!  About 10 years ago, Ron bought Heidi her first bike, and now, several tours, Gran Fondos, and an Ironman later, we’re lucky to have Heidi in the family to gently push our comfort zones, dare us to adventure, and most importantly, ferret out the best pastry shops in Europe.  When she’s not on the bike, you’ll find her teaching yoga, hosting cooking classes, or wrestling with her garden, neglected from her being away on the bike!



Travis’s passion for cycling and travel has led him to take on challenges on the road all over the world, competing in multiple 7-day stage races in the Alps and navigated his way up famous mountain routes all over Europe. All along the way, he’s reveled in the good life that comes with cycling in the most beautiful places on earth, sharing fantastic food, wine and great weather with his closest and newly-made friends.  Back in BC, when not visiting the newest local brewery, you can be sure to find him seeking a Cypress PR.



The minute Gregg got on his first bike (with a banana seat) and rode down the block, he was hooked.  He took up road racing and triathlon in Saskatchewan, so he’s used to pushing into a strong headwind with everyone tucked in behind. 25 years later, he still loves riding is bike, whether guiding, instructing at local spin studios, or doling out ‘pain sessions’ while coaching.  When he’s not watching videos of cats doing bizarre things, you’ll find Gregg casually helping someone achieve something they didn’t even know could be the goal.  Whatever you need help with, Gregg is there with a smile on his face.


Massage Therapist

Kim is our resident Massage Therapist, or as some of our clients like to say, ‘Iron Fingers.’  A long-time athlete, Kim knows intimately the niggling little problems that long days on the bike can bring, and with and extensive background in Sports Massage, Acupuncture, and Active Release, she’s the absolute bomb as a Therapist!  When she’s not dishing out big doses of healing, you’ll find Kim practicing dance, yoga, and capoeira.


Trip Manager

While Tisha may not be tearing up climbs while guiding clients, she’s definitely a key player on our team. When she’s not keeping the boss in line at the office, you’ll find her on tour whipping up some pretty fine roadside gourmet lunches! When Tisha is around you can be sure that the beer is cold and your tummy is full. And let’s be honest, at the end of a hot day on the bike is the most important thing is a cold pint!

If you have any questions about our company or our destinations, we'd like to answer them!

Subalpine riding in southwestern BC

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