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For questions specific to a trip, be sure to check out the FAQ section on each trip's individual page

Staffing depends on the size of the trips. Most trips include the support of two friendly and enthusiastic guides who are available to you throughout the trip dates. Should client numbers warrant more guides or support staff, we supplement our staff to achieve a rough guide to client ratio of 1:10. On most races we also bring our in-house massage therapist as well.

If you fly in early you have the option to make your own travel arrangements and then meet the guides at the hotel on the official start date of the tour. The other option is to contact us and let us help you arrange the extra hotel nights at our start hotel, which will be added onto your final Magic Places invoice.
Note that if you fly in before the trip start date or depart later than the last trip day, we may not be able to provide you transportation to/from the airport, so you’ll be responsible to arrange your own transportation.

It really is a matter of personal preference.  On most of our trips we can provide great rental bikes for you, but be aware that the fit won’t be the same as your own bike.  It really is a matter of weighing the cost and risk (of loss/damage) of transporting your own bike against the cost and type of rental bike we can provide.

For every trip we send out a packing list. Click here for a sample. For cycling clothing, we recommend you bring clothing appropriate for the anticipated climate where you’re riding with at least 3 cycling kits, your helmet and bike shoes.  If you have specific nutritional requirements (gels, powders, etc), then bring those as well.

Many hotels will wash your clothes for you (for a price), and often our accommodations are close to a laundromat and you guides will be happy to point them out to you and assist getting you there.

This should not be an issue. The hotels we stay in are often close to city centres where it’s easy to find all varieties of good restaurants. If we are doing group dinners we try and select restaurants that offer a wide range of delicious food.  Let us know of your restrictions in advance and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

Keep an eye open for email updates from MP.  As the trip dates approach, expect emails from Magic Places:

  1. Requesting your flight itinerary
  2. Updating you on trip details
  3. Providing you final planning details including arrival/departure procedures and packing lists
  4. Invoicing you for your outstanding account balance
  1. Ride your bike. The more prepared you are, the more fun you will have.
  2. Ensure you’re clear on the arrival and departure airports for your tour and then book your flight - the earlier you book, the more options and better prices will be available.
  3. Consider travel/cancellation insurance through your preferred insurer in case injury or incident affect your travel plans.
  4. Email your travel details to Magic Places.
  5. Make sure you and your bike are in excellent condition prior to departure.

Vistas change constantly on the winding climbs and descents

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