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  • 7 Cycling Safety Tips: Because Holidays Shouldn’t Include Accidents!

7 Cycling Safety Tips

Because Holidays Shouldn’t Include Accidents!

A trip on two wheels – a fantastic way to see the world, get some exercise, and create some epic memories. But as we like to say, safety is no joke. After all, a good adventure is one that ends with stories to tell, not trips to the Emerg. 


1. Helmet Hair, Don’t Care:

First things first, let’s talk about helmet hair. We get it, we all want to look our best for those epic photos you’re going to take, but your helmet isn’t just a piece of gear; it’s your insurance against head injuries. So, embrace the helmet, let it be your signature look, and remember, helmet hair is a badge of honor on our trips.

2. Traffic Rules – They’re Not Just for Motorists:

As much as we try to stay off the beaten track on our adventures, sometimes we have to share the road with cars, trucks, and pedestrians. Following the rules ensures you don’t step on anyone’s toes (or wheels) is super important; signal your turns, stop at red lights, and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. Check out our turn hand signal graph below. 

3. Bike Lights – Shine Bright Like a Diamond:

Let’s be honest; you might not be Rihanna, but nobody wants you to be invisible. Invest in high-quality bike lights, both front and rear. They’re your shining armor against those ominous dark stretches of the road. Remember, visibility is your best friend when it comes to cycling safety.

4. Bike Maintenance – Keeping Your Two-Wheeled Steed in Top Shape:

Just like your favorite pair of sneakers, your bicycle needs some TLC too. Regular maintenance checks are essential. Ensure your brakes are in perfect working order, and your tires are properly inflated. 

5. Basic First Aid – Because Accidents Happen:

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still occur. Having a compact first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers can be a lifesaver in a pinch. Know how to clean and dress wounds, and always carry your health insurance card – just in case.

6. Share Your Plans – Let Someone Know Where You Are:

You might be a lone wolf on the open road, but even they howl for help sometimes. Before you  set off on your own, give someone a quick heads up when you leave and when you return. We love staying in contact throughout our trips so make sure you save your guide’s contact information on your phone. 

7. Listen to Your Body – It Knows Best:

You’re on an incredible journey, but your body is your co-pilot. Pay attention to any warning signs it throws your way. Feeling dehydrated, fatigued, or dizzy? It’s time to rest, refuel and jump on board our SAG wagon. It’s there for a reason. 


In short, some easy safety measures can go a long way! Whether you’re exploring the rugged Rocky Mountains, cruising along coastal roads in Croatia, or pedaling through picturesque countryside in Tuscany with us, these tips might just come in handy. In the end, the best stories are the ones where you return home safely to share them.


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Matt Barlee is the owner and head guide at Magic Places Cycling Adventures, a Victoria BC-based company dedicated to delivering OMG experiences to clients in incredible destinations around the globe.

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In the end, the best stories are the ones where you return home safely to share them!!

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