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Oh My ******* God!

Thoughts on the Magic Places Experience

Guides are pretty attentive folk. It’s our job. Watch how folks are doing on a hard climb, keep an eye on what people are ordering for dinner, watch the sky for signs of changing weather conditions. Basically, we pay close attention to our clients and their environment to ensure they’re getting the best experience possible, and in doing so, we hear a lot of interesting things being said. The one that regularly catches our attention, whether cresting a mountain col to see a splendid valley view opening below them, or tasting the perfect gelato after a great ride, is “Oh My ******* God!”. You can insert any number of expletives into the sentence, depending on client, vista, and general state of fatigue 😉

Having heard this phrase so often, we decided that it’d be a great title for the second edition of our destinations catalogue in 2018, and we really, really wrung our hands over the the ethics of using an expletive. Honestly, there were sleepless nights. OK, maybe not, but close. While we didn’t want to offend anyone, we really wanted to go beyond the simple “Oh My God!” exclamation to a full-on “Oh My ******* God!” because that was exactly the adrenaline-driven, endorphin-fuelled, expletive-peppered exclamations of joy we hear over and over again, so we’re used to it. Actually, we expect it. There’s no better time to drop an f-bomb than when cresting a hill to witness first hand a jaw-dropping sunset set against a South African ocean vista. If you’re going to let one slip, we’re not going to judge. Besides, we’re probably so awestruck ourselves, we’d likely pay no attention to whatever you’re muttering!

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Matt Barlee is the owner and head guide at Magic Places Cycling Adventures, a Victoria BC-based company dedicated to delivering OMG experiences to clients in incredible destinations around the globe.

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You crest that hill to a marvellous vista. You taste that amazing looking food. You step into your accommodations. The words you utter will be the same: “Oh My ******* God!”. Feel free to swear. We’ve gotten to know this word is this context very often. Daily. Frequently. On each tour.

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