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Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast boasts some of the most breathtaking coastal roads on the continent, and our 20 day tour links a series of beautiful coastal towns via the most scenic seaside routes.  Throw in beautiful high-end boutique accommodations, world-class restaurants, and you’ve got the makings of a dream tour!

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Pacific Coast

Seattle to San Francisco – keep the ocean on the right!

Departing from Victoria, this custom tour often begins with a visually impressive and luxurious ferry ride to Seattle from Victoria on board the FRS Clipper. And it gets better from there. We follow the famed coastal route from Seattle to San Francisco, with nothing but ocean and horizon on our right. On our left, the visuals change constantly, from rural farmlands and quaint towns, to rolling forest and dramatic mountain scapes until our arrival in San Francisco over Golden Gate Bridge. Luxury accommodations and fine cuisine are the rule of the day as your custom tour rolls on. Call Magic Places Cycling Adventures at 1.250.661.0462, or contact us to plan a route and style that is perfect for your entourage.

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A spectacular sunset greets your arrival in San Francisco