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Prague to Vienna

Well, there’s the beer. Not only did the Czechs invent the best beer in the world, they’ve been reinventing it over the last decade with a wave of innovative new microbreweries. And the history. If you want to learn about European history, you’ll find it all here compressed into an easily digested package – from Good King Wenceslas and the Defenestration of Prague to the Hapsburg Empire, two world wars, the Cold War. Oh, did we mention that there are nearly 40,000 km of designated cycling trails and bike routes in the country? That’s right. Forty thousand!

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Prague to Vienna

Why do we love the Czech Republic?

Tour breweries and bridges in Prague, argueably Europe’s most beautiful city with a hip, classic vibe. Glimpse gothic castles poking out of pine-carpeted hillsides as you ride along the storied Vltava river. Sip an ice-cold pilzen at Pivovar Eggenberg as you gaze, awestruck, at the beauty of Ceský Krumlov. Ride immaculate tarmac along quiet, winding roads through the forests and vineyards of S Bohemia. Overnight in a small, local ‘pivovar,’ to experience firsthand how beer is embodied in Czech culture. Getting lost in Vienna, where history, music, and art seem to seep into your very being.

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Czech Republic has 40,000 km of designated cycling routes