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We Love Our Clients!

At Magic Places Cycling Adventures, we love our clients like… family

The feeling of love grows through fabulous hearty dinners lasting well into the evening, around a big table with friends, once former strangers, who now share tales of the day’s adventures over bottles of wine and mugs of beer. Likewise, the humour flows, and deep satisfaction is apparent on the tired faces of a group of people who’ve just enjoyed a best day ever. As the evening winds to a close and the sun has long set, we all say goodnight under a sky full of stars and head off for some deep REM sleep. Multiply this experience of collective joy and bonding-over-cycling by the number of days of a tour, and you begin to understand how the love factor can grow for us at Magic Places. Twenty years from now, if we run into a client on the street, there’ll be hugs and hearty greetings like we’ve just run into one of our favourite long-lost cousins. We think this feeling of love via memories of great experiences is mutual, and we invite you to find out for yourself.

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Matt Barlee is the owner and head guide at Magic Places Cycling Adventures, a Victoria BC-based company dedicated to delivering OMG experiences to clients in incredible destinations around the globe.

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There’s no other way to describe it. It starts with enjoying day upon day of glorious cycling in a spectacular setting with a diverse group of cycling enthusiasts, each of whom adds to the positive group dynamic with effort, humour, and good will.

Memories are made of this